Permanent Dentures

Denture Implants With A Derry NH Dentist

permanent dentures in Manchester NH and Salem NHTooth implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, but did you know that we can also use tooth implants to secure permanent dentures? Permanent dentures are dentures that are attached more securely in a patient’s mouth, so they won’t move or click out of place. We use dental implants to secure permanent dentures for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth. Our Manchester NH area patients with permanent dentures can enjoy a full smile again that feels comfortable, looks beautiful, and allows them to enjoy day to day oral activities like eating and speaking.

Traditional Dentures vs. Permanent Dentures

Application | Traditional dentures are attached to a patient’s mouth using a sticky adhesive. Sometimes the adhesive can fail, or lack the strength to keep the teeth completely in place, causing the dentures to slip or click at inopportune moments. Permanent dentures use dental implants to secure the dentures in place. No adhesive is necessary, and the dentures will never click or slip out of place again. You can enjoy all the foods that you love without worrying that your dentures will fall out.

denture implants with a Derry NH dentist Manchester NHComfort | Permanent dentures are precisely tailored to fit in a patient’s mouth comfortably. Sometimes traditional dentures won’t fit correctly and this can cause discomfort and stress. Permanent dentures fit exactly like your natural teeth and stay exactly where you want them.

Health | Traditional dentures allow patients to eat well and speak comfortably again. However, traditional dentures only replace the outer portion of the tooth without replacing the tooth root. With permanent dentures, tooth implants are placed in key areas to keep your jawbone healthy and strong and avoid the sunken face appearance that is commonly associated with dentures.

To find out more about our permanent dentures, contact us today at our Derry NH office. We work with patients from all over the Manchester – Salem NH area!