Dental Implant: Mainstream!

In just a few short decades, dental implants have gone from state-of-the-art to mainstream. Dental implants are available at Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH. The ever-increasing popularity of dental implants is due to several factors. Chief among these that they are so lifelike. Since they are attached to the jaw, they look and function […]

Dental Implants: Better Than Ever

Not so long ago dental implants were considered an unusual procedure –experimental, if not downright futuristic. That is no longer the case. Dental implants have become part of mainstream dentistry, and they’re available at Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH. Implants are natural-looking replacements for one or more missing teeth. More importantly, they function like […]

Dental Implants: Keep Them Clean

Dental implants from Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH can be life-changing, because getting one is like getting back a lost tooth. Not only will it restore your smile, it will restore your normal biting and chewing ability. A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted into your jawbone, where it integrates with […]